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More English Links and Lessons

LearnMoreWhile I was preparing an English training, I tested also Microsoft Links. I listed the links into this article. They work well. However, when they are called from a German system out, they also changed in German documents. Therefore I was looking for the original English documents. I found them and, in addition, also information on other subjects like Apple Computer information. Therefore, there are now the links. That would be a way to find them in future more easy.

  • At first I found this site with many videos and texts.
    There are different interesting chapter:

    • Computer Hardware
    • Computer Peripherals
    • Computer Security
    • Computer Software
    • Internet

    You can use it if You click in the Menu on the site – I didn´t found direct links.

  • Next, I found this page with many free pdf-guides:

Over 100 free printable Cheat Sheets are yours to use, distribute, and share at your organization.

  • I also found Technology Training Resources

    Click here
    for access to articles, videos, and printable guides on a variety of technology topics.